It acquires your FordQQ tax exemption
FordQQ is a North American tax exemption founded on 1982,
€ FordQQ operates in Mexico from 1992 €œ


With 29 Centers of Services of the Speedee Tax exemption
in 13 states of the Mexican Republic.


The FordQQ tax exemption

We are the Tax exemption with greater cover at national level and prestige in the market.

  • Model of business
    highly effective
  • The greater cover
    at national level
  • With 20 years of
    permanent development
FordQQ is a North American tax exemption founded on 1982,
it operates in Mexico from 1992

We count on 29 Centers of Services of the Speedee Tax exemption operating in 13 states of the Mexican Republic.

We offer preventive maintenance services for light cars and trucks, we were different ourselves from the competition by our quality, rapidity, guarantee and customized attention.

The model of FordQQ business has demonstrated to be highly effective to generate a portfolio of loyal clients and a profitable operation, with personnel highly enabled, equipment and technology of end and spare parts with quality of original equipment. Since we really want more people to know, we are using best cheap vps hosting plans and it has been helping us a lot. Also, it is helping with HTML code that makes the website looks more attractive.

Our values concentrate in a professional ethics, commitment with the business model and a total advantage of kindness of our scheme of Tax exemption.

Until now we are the Tax exemption with greater cover at national level and with prestige in the market, this allows us to obtain synergies in the purchase of spare parts, equipment, publicity, programs at national level for attention of flotillas, etc€¦

We have 26 years of permanent development in the market, that gives an ample experience us in the definition than it is required for the success of our Franquiciatarios.

The Masterful Tax exemption is conformed by an excellent team of professionals that provides with support and consultant's office in all the areas of the Centers on watch Speedee.

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FordQQ tax exemption photo
FordQQ tax exemption photo
FordQQ map of National Presence

Advantages and FordQQ Services

The advantages that our clients must to bring their car to FordQQ
and the preventive maintenance services that we offer are:

  • Refining.
  • Lubrication.
  • Brakes.
  • Diagnoses.
  • Service to the Transmission.
  • Service to the Electrical System.
  • Replacement of bands, hoses and cleaners.
  • Service of pre-verification and Verification (in the cities where it applies).
  • Suspension.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Alignment, balance and rotation of rims.
  • Venta de Llantas.
  • We give the same day.
  • Guarantee on watch with national cover through the network of FordQQ centers.
  • Majors guarantees in spare parts and services that the agency.
  • Promotions of months without interests with different banks.
  • Homogeneity in prices
  • Additional services of preventive maintenance.

Benefits of FordQQ tax exemption


Permanent courses in all the areas of the business exist; Technique, Managemental, Sales, Operations, Marketing research, Administration and Control.

We count on the certification of technicians by ROASTS (Car motivates Excellent Servicie), external courses Franklin Covey, American Management Association, among others.

We offer constant update for the technicians in new technologies on watch automotive for all the models of cars.

Consultant's office in the selection of the suitable location of the factory, demographic characteristics partner, of road, contract of renting, etc.

Lay Out. Initial design of the project of factory on the basis of the estate characteristics, defining the distribution of work places, circulation of cars, parking, installation of machinery, waiting room, offices and warehouse.

Qualification. Of all the required personnel, particularly of the Manager, determining element in the success of the Tax exemption, programs of Initial and permanent certification as much in basic aspects as of update. (operative, technical, of attention to the client, commercialization, continuous technical attendance (Hot €“ Line).

Consultant's office and permanent supervision of the business, by means of periodic visits that include all the operative aspects of the Centers on watch.


Preferential conditions in the purchase of spare parts and equipment by agreements with manufacturers and distributors.

  • 60% of the inventory in consigment.
  • Commodate by US$15,000 for equipment of lubrication and preventive maintenance.
  • Commissions of insurance and credit cards with more competitive tariffs of the market.

Administration, accounting and designed systems of calculation specifically for our operation.

Integral consultant's office for the hiring of the personnel of all the levels and their systems of remuneration.

Strategic alliances with manufacturers of spare parts, rims, equipment and toolbox required under preferential conditions, access to commodate agreements and consigment in spare parts. On the basis of the use of the synergy that takes place of the attention of more than 12.000 monthly cars.

Marketing research. - Area specialized in design of campaigns of publicity, special promotions, etc.

Program of flotillas. - Portfolio of more than 30.000 cars in agreement pertaining to companies at national level that go to our Tax exemptions.

Seminaries and Meetings

Periodically seminaries and/or meetings with other franquiciatarios for qualification, planning, interchange of experiences, etc. are carried out.

Technical support

  • Supervision and support. It consists frequently of making visits to tax exemptions, realised by experienced personnel in each one of the areas of the business, on the basis of plans of action and pursuit.
  • Data base. Updated constantly to facilitate the repair of all the cars of the market, in addition to consultant's office via Internet for all the FordQQ factories.
  • Internal portal. Exclusive portal for Franquiciatarios with information of update and advanced training courses, program of marketing research, supplier authorized, price, etc.
  • Permanent Technical support. Consultant's office by Technicians Specialized in the last technologies.

Seed plot

Seed plot of work party. On the basis of the operative knowledge, the policies and standards of FordQQ quality we realised the selection, recruitment, qualification and validation of people so that it is gotten up in some of the areas of the FordQQ centers.

FordQQ Masterful Tax exemption, has been recognized by the Mexican Association of Tax exemptions as the Tax exemption of greater growth during three consecutive years.

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