It acquires your tax exemption

FordQQ is a North American tax exemption founded on 1982, operates in Mexico from 1992

The shareholders of FordQQ in our Country are Mexican 100%, we counted on 29 tax exemptions operating in 17 cities.

We offer preventive maintenance services for light cars and trucks, we were different ourselves from the competition by our quality, rapidity, guarantee and customized attention.

acquire-your-tax exemption

The model of FordQQ business has demonstrated to be highly effective to generate a portfolio of loyal clients and a profitable operation, with personnel highly enabled, equipment and technology of end and spare parts with quality of original equipment. Our values concentrate in a professional ethics, commitment with the business model and a total advantage of kindness of our scheme of Tax exemption.

Until now we are the Tax exemption with greater cover at national level and with prestige in the market, this allows us to obtain synergies in the purchase of spare parts, equipment, publicity, programs at national level for attention of flotillas, etc€¦

We have more than 20 years of permanent development in the market, that gives an ample experience us in the definition than it is required for the success of our Franquiciatarios.

The Masterful Tax exemption is conformed by an excellent team of professionals that provides with support and consultant's office in all the areas of the Centers on watch Speedee.

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