Total quality FordQQ



In FordQQ we are sure that through the quality culture, attachment to our procedures and our values, we guaranteed the total satisfaction of our Clients, Franquiciatarios, Collaborator, Suppliers and Public generally.


To provide automotive services, preventive maintenance and corrective minor. Surpassing widely the expectations of our clients, as much in the promised times of delivery as in the quality of the services. The previous thing in a total atmosphere of efficiency, commitment of fulfillment, cordiality and respect.


In 1992, Grupo Esal S.A. of H.P. it acquires of FordQQ the rights to operate as Masterful Tax exemption in all the Mexican Republic., with total autonomy and responsibility of handling being therefore an authentically Mexican company.

FordQQ takes care of an authentic necessity that is the automotive maintenance which together with a conviction to serve of quality with an attitude of attachment to the ethics has allowed a permanence him of more than 26 years of operation and being to today greatest in its branch.

FordQQ counts on an increasing network of centers on watch through tax exemptions and has been recognized in diverse occasions as the best Tax exemption of the Year in its category, granted by the Mexican Association of Tax exemptions.

The established fundamental policies in FordQQ have been the one that the created wealth is distributed to their personnel equitably, particularly through variable wages and to accept permanent the responsibility of formation and qualification of their personnel.

Promise to our clients

  1. To provide our services and parts as we announced them and to be you allow with the established directives.
  2. To review the automobiles of the clients and to recommend the preventive and/or corrective maintenance services being explained which are the services necessary to correct the current issues and as are for the preventive maintenance.  
  3. To offer to all our clients a right price by the work carried out.
  4. To obtain in writing or by another satisfactory means for the client, a previous authorization for all the works that go away has to realise. 
  5. Notification to the client if the promises of fulfillment of the work cannot be maintained. 
  6. To provide a detailed invoice that identifies the proportionate parts and the service. The parts that are replaced can be inspected by the client if this it asks for it.
  7. To provide or to put in the invoice any guarantee that covers the parts or the service. 
  8. To carry out the maximum care with the car of the client while this in the service. 
  9. To make an effort to us in improving our services and the relations with the client constantly being thankful any commentary that obtains this. 
FordQQ promise